So much thanks and gratitude to Coach Ken
Yokobosky and the beautiful young ladies of the Caldwell University Bowling Team for raising money and awareness to help our orphans in Haiti. 

Over the course of a couple tournaments Ken and the team raised over $3,500. No good deed goes unfulfilled, congratulations to Ken and the Team as they won the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference Championship! 

To continue these young athletes efforts to help our children, please click on the button below.


Wellness for All Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to the education and social development of underprivileged children.

By supporting education and avenues of creative expression, minds and hearts of individuals are free to expand, thereby expanding and elevating their communities.

Photography provided by Thomas DeClemente

Our primary focus is the immediate and ongoing formal education and housing of 29 orphaned children in Ounaminthe, Haiti. The Wellness for All Foundation also sponsors the education of an additional 140 children in the neighboring town of Malfety. We presently, and will continue, to align ourselves with non-profit and other organizations and individuals that share our goal of creating a self-sustainable Haitian nation. To this end we are currently working with Mission Life International, a non-profit organization based in Haiti, on the long term vision of constructing a Village of Hope.

The Village of Hope is a multidimensional model of living to help curtail poverty. It is based on vitalistic principles of honoring the relationships we have with our bodies, our land and with each other. The Village will be self sustainable and will house educational and vocational facilities designed with programs to promote youth leadership as a means of empowering local youths to become self reliant. The Village of Hope will serve as a template that communities in Haiti as well as other impoverished areas around the world can reproduce to improve quality of life and wellness. Construction has begun and you can review our progress by clicking on Village of Hope on the home page.

The Haitian youth is at risk because of the lack of academic and positive social infrastructure necessary for emotional resilience and competency.

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  • Dr. Stephen Simonetti, DC

    There are many reasons Dr. Stephen Simonetti was selected as a Top Doctorin 2020. The most relevant is patient satisfaction. As Dr. Simonettistates, “when a person has a health concern I always felt the mostimportant thing is for the individual to correct the cause of the problem,rather than just temporarily manage their symptoms. For this reason, I havedone my best to master the traditional chiropractic techniques and otherancillary procedures that help people accomplish my patient’s goal”.

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  • Dolores Germania Hernandez-Simonetti

    Dolores Germania Hernandez-Simonetti, was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the Bronx. She currently works for the New York Yankees in the Communication and Media Relations Department.

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  • Ellen Coyne, DC

    Ellen Coyne, DC is a Brooklyn born chiropractor who serves in the upper west side of Manhattan, Brightwaters Long Island and the surrounding communities in NY. While in private practice 1984, Dr. Coyne has been extremely active in helping her profession.

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  • Gary Deutchman
    DC Director

    Dr. Deutchman has been in private practice since 1986. Over his past 30 years of practice, his dedication to service is still evident in his actions; in the early 90's, Dr. Deutchman initiated and went on to manage volunteer chiropractic care programs for orphaned infants

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  • Amiko Simonetti
    Vice President

    Amiko has a tremendous passion for organization and design, both visual and non-visual. Her skills and expertise range from fashion, graphic design and branding to small business management and entrepreneurship.

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