Wellness Workshops for DC's

We are thrilled to invite you to be a Participating Provider in Getting Chiropractic to the People™. Our vision is doctors of chiropractic sharing a central, consistent chiropractic message while presenting Wellness Workshops throughout our nation. Our goal is to improve the public’s image of chiropractic and for doctors of chiropractic to be recognized as the experts in Wellness. Access of patients to doctors of chiropractic will greatly increase resulting in a healthier and happier world as you serve more people with the life enhancing benefits of chiropractic care.

You will improve the bottom line of your practice without increasing your overhead by Getting Chiropractic to the People™. Participating providers will be trained to become expert Wellness presenters. You will be given proven methods to schedule Wellness Workshops for industries, schools, houses of worship, etc…

 This all inclusive training gives instruction and materials to contact, schedule, perform Wellness Workshops and effectively schedule new patients. Organizations have the option of 5 Powerful PowerPoint presentations with scientific, evidence based data on various Wellness topics.

Get ready to get busy by turning the world onto chiropractic!

To attend the Thursday, September 30th Training Session for $129 click here.

If you are a member of your State Association click here to attend the Thursday, September 30th Webinar Training Session for $79.

Please provide your contact information below for this webinar training session and to be advised of future training sessions.


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